Team Phox

Team Phox

The Company has a key pool of staff and wider contacts with extensive knowledege and skills. We can provide expertise in all areas of

:  Artful Event Decor

:  Inventive Expertise

:  Traditional and Modern Craft

:  Technical Production; Sound, Lighting, Staging

:  Secure Site Management and Installation

Team phox also includes a range of interesting professional people from fantastic costume makers, theatre technicians, artists, upholsterers, sound and lighting designers, riggers, tour and production managers.

About the director:

I chose the University of Westminster for my degree in Fine Art because of their encouragement for working in mixed media and their extensive range of resources. In the years since I have worked in many creative areas and have always loved experimenting with my art and being immersed in multi-media projects.

I have designed and produced video installations, costumes, props, stage props, decor and a variety of art objects for events, shows and theatre. [ ]

I am particularly excited about the diversity within our new company and can't wait to see what the next project for Phoxcleave will be!

In the last three years, we have had the  pleasure of working with the following companies and events:

:  LoveBox

:  Citadel

:  Wilderness

:  V Festival

:  BBC Proms

:  HQ Hospitality

:  Southend Theatres

:  Bob and Bob Jobbins

:  Download   RIP

:  RiZE VIP and Boutique Camping

:  Latitude Luxury

:  Intersonic Productions

:  Fumpstock

:  OrleansHouse Gallery

:  Box Clever Production

:  On Blackheath

:  POWWOW events

:  Arthur Webb Cup Challenge

:  A Better Start   Southend Council

:  Wireless Festival VIP and Hospitality

:  Brighton Fringe Festival

:  Brambledash Theatre Co

:  Mistress Mary

:  Naked City

:  Krank Brothers

:  IKEA X Sonos

:  Apple Barn Creative

Partners and associates